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A game about quickly matching words to pictures but never words to words or pictures to pictures.

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Image of A game about quickly matching words to pictures but never words to words or pictures to pictures.

Be the first to match words to pictures in a frantic realtime game.

2-4 players. It's super-chaotic, even with 2!
5-10 minutes. Faster with more people.
For ages 6+. Be comfortable reading 7 simple words at speed.

A realtime game where you match pictures with a word that describes that picture.

There are 4 objects and 3 colours. A picture of a red bed could be matched either with the word 'red' or the word 'bed'.

As soon as a match is made, the cards are taken and that will often reveal another match in a sort-of chain reaction!

Whoever takes the most cards wins the game.

This is a BEZZY BUDGET BAG. Do not expect luxurious component quality. Expect a silly thing that I tried to do with the minimum amount of effort. Having said that, the typeface is a custome thing drawn by me (Bez) and assembled by Krys. I'm quite proud of it.

- There is NO BOX. Just the cards in a resealable plastic bag.

- The rules are on the backs of the front/back 'covers' and another card, to keep prices low.

- the game hasn't gone through as much testing as I'd like. I'm very proud of the game but another year of testing would undoubtedly see a number or two tweaked. Also, the graphics could be improved.

- Nothing is perfect. Bezzy Budget Bags are a way to remind myself to just get stuff done. And to get you games that otherwise wouldn't exist.

On the good side:
- simple rules (about 10seconds to learn)
- people can learn by watching and then jump straight in!
- Occasionally, there will be 2 matches at once, increasing the chaos!
- a few special cards (2 pictures on a card) ramp up the chaos even more!
- your brain needs to jump through a unique hoop.
- familiarise younger children with reading.


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£5 elsewhere, and £2 extra for each game.

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