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UK edition: AGA drawing creatures, complimenting the drawings, then complimenting the compliments.


Image of UK edition: AGA drawing creatures, complimenting the drawings, then complimenting the compliments.

A game about being kind to yourself and to others.

2-5 players. But in a classroom setting, one bag could play 16 people by splitting into groups.
10-25 minutes to play
For ages 8+ maybe?

First, everyone draws creatures that incorporate 4 'creature features'. E.g. horns all over, many eyes, thick eyebrows, a fun skirt.

Next, everyone does a 'grand reveal' of their drawings and is complimented by everyone else.

Once each drawing has been complimented, each artist compliments at least one of the compliments they received.

If you reject a compliment or give a back-handed compliment you lose (and might want to try again). If you can follow the rules, you win. If everyone wins, you all super-win!

This is a BEZZY BUDGET BAG. Do not expect luxurious component quality. Expect a silly thing that I tried to do with the minimum amount of effort. Having said that, the typeface is a custome thing drawn by me (Bez) and assembled by Krys. I'm quite proud of it.

- There is NO BOX. Just the cards in a resealable plastic bag.

- The rules are on the backs of the front/back 'covers', to keep prices low.

- the game hasn't gone through as much testing as I'd like. I'm very proud of the rules but the way they are written could probably be improved. The upper player count depends on how long you want to spend on complimenting v how long you want to spend drawing. More players means more players to compliment everyone else.

- Nothing is perfect. Bezzy Budget Bags are a way to remind myself to just get stuff done.

On the good side:
- it's good, wholesome fun.
- everyone can learn to improve their complimenting skill.
- the 52 creature features are carefully chosen to never clash. In theory, you could make a creature using ALL of them!
- the creature features push you in directions you probably wouldn't have gone, so you end up with art that is unique to you in this moment.
- 52 tips regarding complimenting. These can be worth reading and remembering.
- learn to search for & share the positivity you see around you.


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