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UK edition: AGA quickly grabbing creatures that are totally different & watching out for turnips.

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Image of UK edition: AGA quickly grabbing creatures that are totally different & watching out for turnips.

Racing to grab weird creatures. Avoid matches. Don't grab too many turnips. One mistake and you lose!

2-3 players per bag. Buy multiple bags to increase the playercount.
2-3 minutes to play
For ages 4+ maybe?

Expected to arrive with me early December, and will be sent out in time for Christmas if you are in UK and order before 15th December.

This is a BEZZY BUDGET BAG. Do not expect luxurious component quality. Expect a silly thing that I tried to do with the minimum amount of effort.

- There is NO BOX. Just the cards in a resealable plastic bag.

- The rules are on the backs of the front/back 'covers', to keep prices low.

- the game hasn't gone through as much testing as I'd like. I'm very proud of the rules but the way they are written could probably be improved. I don't know what the upper player count is. It does depend on how big your table is. I'm almost certain that 8 players (with 3 packs) will work fine.

- I'm not entirely happy with the creature colouring. But nothing is perfect. Bezzy Budget Bags are a way to remind myself to just get stuff done.

On the good side:
- it's quick, frantic fun.
- everyone scores some points and feels achievement
- the turnip mechanism adds some strategy
- 36 unique creatures, some of which are totally different
- the 16 turnips are all unique drawings, for added visual interest..


£3 UK regardless of quantity.

£15 elsewhere, and £5 extra for each copy. Sorry about the high price internationally. If you are outside of UK, I suggest you wait a few months. It is very likely that I'll do an 'international printing' for a KS, with much cheaper shipping.

I will also be selling this at the major UK cons, so feel free to buy in person to avoid shipment charges. Or to try before you buy.

I also encourage you to wait for reviews. The only reason to buy now is if you really want to get the first edition in time for Christmas.

I post things out once a week, on a Wednesday or Thursday.